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Make a Move

Every November, the global charity Movember encourages men to grow a mustache for the thirty days of the month to bring much-needed awareness to men’s issues of prostate and testicular cancer and mental health challenges.

I hope those of you with an aptitude for growing facial hair will save a razor in order to prompt conversations around increasing awareness and understanding. For those who want to support the scruff but cannot grow mustaches of their own, here’s a roundup of some whimsical accessories.

To learn more about men’s health and how to raise funds, visit Movember.


1. Mustache bottle stopper. 2. Zara velvet smoking slipper. 3. Cufflinks, Inc. Cool Cut mustache cuff links. 4. Mustachifier mustache pacifiers in The Cowboy, The Gentleman, and The Ladies Man. 5. Dude and Chick letterpress Grow Crazy birthday card. 6. Forever21 mustache and sunglasses ring set. 7. Tervis Tumblers in The Connoisseur; also available in The Handle Bar, The Fu Manchu, and The Magnum.


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The Lost Square

What’s better than the utility and depth of a pocket? The singular aesthetic purpose of the pocket square! No, it’s not quite as handy as a handkerchief—it does not blow your nose or wipe your forehead—but it pleases the eye and shows a little you. It serves as a tuft of color, an accoutrement of flair, a pop of personality.

But where have they gone, the pocket squares? Maybe out with blazers. They are rare and far between. I say it’s time to bring them back, boys and girls. And don’t save them for the penguin suits. With the casual textures and whimsical prints that are presenting themselves these days, pocket squares are for the daily wear. Add a square to the pocket of a puffer vest, a lady’s knit blazer, a leather jacket, or even an oxford shirt. Here are a few inspiring looks and colors.

Pocket Square Looks

Left to right: via Reckless Bones. via Nice N Clean. Set winter/fall 2012 collection with Anna Selezneva. via Alterations Needed.

Pocket Squares

Top, left to right: Topman green dot. Alexander Olch pocket round. Paul Smith London white/yellow stripe.
Bottom, left to right: Kent Wang cat print. The Tie Bar blue silk knit. BKLYN Dry Goods x Study NY.

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Punch Up Plaid

Maybe it was the overcast sky or the Brooklyn locale for brunch, but both Ali and I were inspired to pair slouchy plaid with punchy pants—and within our respective color families. Sometimes matching colors is the fastest way to get out the door. And putting on brights, the most fun way!

Do you remember your Crayola crayon names? I think I’m wearing Granny Smith Apple, Tropical Rainforest, Mountain Meadow, and Jungle Green; Ali, Vivid Violet and Royal Purple. Try your hand at being matchy-matchy. That was easy!

Ali | Top: J. Crew large-gingham. Bottom: Joe Fresh coloured denim.
Charlene | Top: Trico Field Denim Dungaree. Bottom: Siwy slim jeans.


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Scarves To Go

What is one thing you never leave home without?

Whether your passport is colored with visas and stamps or you carry a Metro-North ten-trip ticket, your environment is always changing when you travel. I’ve always supported traveling light by packing fewer pieces that are multi-functional. That’s why seasoned travelers never leave home without a scarf. And no, scarves are not just for the winter.

One of the most versatile types of scarves is the scrunchable, washable Turkish pestemal or Tunisian fouta. They’re best known for their use as hammam towels, but they also keep you comfy, cozy, and a chameleon as you change surroundings.

Use one as a scarf to keep off the chill…
a towel for drying off…
a blanket for the plane…
a shade at the beach…
a tied-up sack for farmers’ market goods…
a cover-up after a swim…
a setting for a picnic…

Left to right: Fouta Lifestyle Fatma fouta in terracotta orange. Abdulla Natural Products Hazan pestemal. 8knots seersucker stripe pestemal.

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