“Everyone has to get dressed in the morning, so why not do it with some spirit?” —Bill Cunningham, New York Times

I’m a city girl with bicoastal affinities to San Francisco and New York. I’ve always been surrounded by art and design in the cities I’ve lived in, in my homes and schools, with family members and their creative work, and in my travels around the world. I love learning and creating—with mind and hand and heart. I stand by simplicity, details, classics, originality, efficiency, and innovation. I urge you to be good to your body: keep fit, eat healthfully, and indulge once in a while; and give yourself a protective cushion of neutrals in the closet: metallics, sparkles, animal prints and hides, and all shades and textures between white and black.

Knots + Bows was created out of a reminder to a friend to wax her Barbour coat. My friends are my audience; my audience, my friends. This is for all of you.


3 responses to “About

  1. Marisa Aguilar Selvy

    Charleenee, your blog is absolutely amazing. I want a makeover, stat.

  2. Prathima

    Yay! You are not only my most fashionable friend but also the most creative 🙂 I will be a regular visitor here!

  3. Hannah

    I love your blog! So creative!

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