Home Edition: Champagne Brunch

3,000 miles is a long way from home, and sometimes you feel like only San Franciscans understand San Franciscans. So I planned a champagne brunch to (re)connect alumnae of my alma mater for those of us living in the other city, New York City.

To greet the guests, I was honored to welcome our recently appointed President of Schools. Though nothing makes a girl feel more at home than cute food and lots of bubbly, it was the decades-old memories that warmed the space and made everyone long for the City by the Bay. Details after the jump.

Champagne Brunch B

On the menu, I served a selection of sweet and savory:

  • Pains au chocolat
  • DIY yogurt parfait
  • Lox and home-pickled onion
  • Truffled deviled eggs

And filled in the details with a few touches of flair: 

  • Vintage flutes
  • Blooms in yellows + greens
  • Bubbly…

Cheers to connecting with these ladies!



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2 responses to “Home Edition: Champagne Brunch

  1. Natalie

    The spread looks gorgeous!! Wish I had been there 🙂

  2. cschuang13@gmail.com

    I did not see these 9 pictures until tonight, they are so beautiful they look like something out of a Martha Stewart’s magazine. Beautiful food(), beautiful wine(s), beautiful people(H^C

    Sent from my iPad

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