Punch Up Plaid

Maybe it was the overcast sky or the Brooklyn locale for brunch, but both Ali and I were inspired to pair slouchy plaid with punchy pants—and within our respective color families. Sometimes matching colors is the fastest way to get out the door. And putting on brights, the most fun way!

Do you remember your Crayola crayon names? I think I’m wearing Granny Smith Apple, Tropical Rainforest, Mountain Meadow, and Jungle Green; Ali, Vivid Violet and Royal Purple. Try your hand at being matchy-matchy. That was easy!

Ali | Top: J. Crew large-gingham. Bottom: Joe Fresh coloured denim.
Charlene | Top: Trico Field Denim Dungaree. Bottom: Siwy slim jeans.



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2 responses to “Punch Up Plaid

  1. Nina

    You look lovely!!

  2. cschuang13@gmail.com

    I agree! And I like both of your outfits. You didn’t run into Scott Schuman, did you? On the street…… Charlene, New York.

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