The Lost Square

What’s better than the utility and depth of a pocket? The singular aesthetic purpose of the pocket square! No, it’s not quite as handy as a handkerchief—it does not blow your nose or wipe your forehead—but it pleases the eye and shows a little you. It serves as a tuft of color, an accoutrement of flair, a pop of personality.

But where have they gone, the pocket squares? Maybe out with blazers. They are rare and far between. I say it’s time to bring them back, boys and girls. And don’t save them for the penguin suits. With the casual textures and whimsical prints that are presenting themselves these days, pocket squares are for the daily wear. Add a square to the pocket of a puffer vest, a lady’s knit blazer, a leather jacket, or even an oxford shirt. Here are a few inspiring looks and colors.

Pocket Square Looks

Left to right: via Reckless Bones. via Nice N Clean. Set winter/fall 2012 collection with Anna Selezneva. via Alterations Needed.

Pocket Squares

Top, left to right: Topman green dot. Alexander Olch pocket round. Paul Smith London white/yellow stripe.
Bottom, left to right: Kent Wang cat print. The Tie Bar blue silk knit. BKLYN Dry Goods x Study NY.


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